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Celebrated for its environmentally conscious attributes, Copi represents a group of freshwater, top-feeding fish, including Bighead carp, Silver carp, Grass carp, and Black carp. Harvested from Midwestern waterways, these individual species are collectively known as Asian Carp in the U.S. Copi stands out as a sustainable seafood option, meriting a coveted Good Option* designation on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch list. This acknowledgment underscores Copi’s commitment to responsible sourcing, making it a preferred choice for those seeking seafood with a positive ecological impact.


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Succulent texture and rich flavor for even the most discerning palates


Wild-sourced and additive-free, guaranteeing a natural culinary experience


Enhances a variety of creations like dumplings, fish cakes, fish balls, spring rolls, burgers, and tacos

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Clean and

Carp is recognized for their distinctive top-feeding behavior, primarily residing in the upper water layers. With mouths positioned upward, these fish employ specialized feeding structures to filter plankton and other microorganisms from the water's surface. Their unique feeding habits set them apart from other freshwater species, contributing to their rapid growth and adaptability. This top-feeding behavior not only distinguishes Asian carp but also plays a significant role in their ecological impact on aquatic ecosystems.

Local and

Copi or commonly known as Asian Carp, presents an intriguing perspective on sustainability as a potential food source. Harvesting Copi for human consumption could not only help control their population and mitigate ecological concerns but also offer a sustainable protein source. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and low in mercury, Asian carp can contribute to a nutritious diet. By promoting the consumption of these fish, we can explore a sustainable solution that addresses both environmental and food security issues, transforming a once problematic species into a valuable resource for communities.


Local fishermen play a key role in responsibly sourcing carp, employing sustainable practices that balance human consumption with environmental preservation. By using traditional methods and respecting seasonal variations, they contribute to the equilibrium of aquatic ecosystems while ensuring a steady supply of this versatile fish. This commitment to responsible sourcing supports both the livelihoods of local fishermen and the delicate balance of the environment.


Freshwater Select is at the forefront of sustainable practices in the fishing industry, embracing a holistic approach to environmental well-being. Beyond responsible sourcing and eco-friendly harvesting, the initiative actively promotes biodiversity and implements measures to minimize bycatch. By prioritizing these multiple facets of sustainability, Freshwater Select aims to contribute to the overall health of aquatic ecosystems. This commitment not only ensures a reliable supply of high-quality fish but also sets a standard for ethical and environmentally conscious practices, emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive and balanced approach to fisheries management.

Proudly Wild-Caught and Processed in America

Catch to Plate

Implementing a traceability system that tracks the journey of fish from catch to plate is a pivotal aspect of ensuring transparency and sustainability in the seafood industry. This comprehensive approach allows consumers to access detailed information about the origin, harvesting methods, and processing of the fish they purchase. This empowers consumers to make informed choices, supporting fisheries that adhere to ethical and sustainable practices. Tracking fish from catch to plate not only fosters accountability within the industry but also enhances the overall integrity of the seafood supply chain.

“Enjoying Copi in a restaurant or at home is one of the easiest things people can do to help protect our waterways and Lake Michigan."
John Goss
Former White House invasive carp adviser


environmentally beneficial

Harvesting carp is environmentally beneficial as it helps reduce carp population, mitigating their impact on native species and maintaining a healthier aquatic ecosystem.

Monterey Bay Aquarium approved

As a sustainable seafood option, meriting a coveted Good Option* designation on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch list.

supports fishing industry regrowth

Supports fishing industry regrowth by managing carp population, creating space for native species, and fostering a more balanced and sustainable aquatic environment.

streamlining the food supply chain

Freshwater Select processes and reduces inefficiencies, ensuring a more seamless and sustainable journey from source to consumer.

low carbon footprint

Freshwater Select harvests fish from the nearby Illinois & Mississippi rivers, minimizing transportation emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

nutrient rich and delicious

Copi, rich in Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids with a protein content rivaling wild salmon, is a wholesome and clean dietary choice as a top-feeding wild fish.

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